40 Stories - SH

Today's story features one of our current clients. She is referred to as "SH" in the story to protect her identity. Her drive and passion to change her life has been an inspiration to other clients and our staff.
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40 Stories - Demetria Reid

Demetria proudly proclaims that children are her passion and she loves the opportunity she’s been given as a child advocate to help give children a voice to express their feelings, questions and cries for support about the traumatic experiences they’ve encountered.
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40 Stories - Ebony Russell

Ebony was drawn to PADV because domestic violence was a serious and personal matter in her adult life, as well as the lives of other members of her family. Ebony has taken difficult and traumatic life experiences and turned them into warmth, love, compassion and boundless energy for those we serve.
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40 Stories - Claire Lisco

Claire Lisco joined PADV’s staff in April 2015 as a Teen Empowerment Advocate. Prior to coming to PADV, Claire was in graduate school studying biased motivated aggression, alcohol-related aggression, violence against women and intimate partner violence.
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Teen Dating Violence

Teen dating violence is a serious issue that unfortunately affects 1 in 3 teenagers. Today's blog is written by Nancy Friauf, CEO of Partnership Against Domestic Violence, is a reflection of her experience raising her 2 daughters.
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