Barriers for Limited English Proficiency Survivors

All survivors of Intimate Partner Violence experience many barriers, but unfortunately for immigrant survivors and those with Limited English Proficiency (LED) there are additional barriers unique to their experience.
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40 Stories - Kristin Couch

In today’s story you’ll learn about Kristin Couch, our Fulton shelter coordinator. Kristin provides support to the Shelter Manager and all shelter staff for operational aspects of our Fulton safe house. While she hasn’t been with the organization for very long, her hard work and dedication to our mission has surpassed what we could have ever imagined. Learn more about Kristin’s inspiration and the advice she has for anyone living in a domestic violence situation.
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40 Stories - Yamma Brown

“You are never alone. You are not what your abuser says about you and you are strong enough to get through this,” says Yamma Brown, domestic violence survivor. Yamma got involved with PADV after attending PADV’s Women in Action Forum and since then she has made a goal to always give support and help cultivate healthy relationships in the home and communities served by PADV. Click to read more about Yamma’s story.
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40 Stories - Bre'shae Pittman

As PADV celebrates 40 years of important and groundbreaking efforts, Bre’shae Pittman, our volunteer coordinator, shares the significance volunteers have to our organization. She recognizes the efforts of those volunteers who are in large part responsible for what PADV has become today. Learn more about Bre’s commitment to PADV and her passion to help support survivors!
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40 Stories - Pallavi Gor

Two years ago, Pallavi Gor was invited to a breakfast by her dear friend where she heard the story of Debra Oglesby, who grew up in a home tainted by domestic violence. Pallavi was moved to tears and could relate to the pain Mrs. Ogelsby detailed, from her own memories of growing up in a household where Pallavi witnessed domestic violence. From that day forward, Pallavi has used the platform that PADV has given her to raise awareness and positively impact the lives of others. Click to read more about her story and how she continues to fight to make a difference, one life at a time.
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