40 Stories - Susan Smith

Susan has seen it all - from answering crisis lines to comforting families on their first day in the shelter. She’s very committed to helping our clients and makes sure they understand that they have resources and assistance that can help them survive and thrive. Click to learn more about Susan.
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40 Stories - Jenell Jackson

Here at PADV, we have a program to help victims move out of the shelter and into an apartment. The person who manages this program for our Gwinnett apartments is our supportive housing advocate, Jenell, who has been working with PADV since 2014. Jenell’s job is to help our clients living in their own apartments establish and maintain a productive, safe and financially secure life.
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40 Stories - Lisa Winton

“PADV builds women’s self-esteem by providing solutions and an opportunity for women to become self-sufficient. Their time at the Safe House helps women get on track to live up to their true potential, provide financially for their families and create a healthy home for their children. It means the world to me to see women transformed, that’s why I’m so grateful for what PADV provides to our community,” says Lisa Winton, a member of PADV’s Gwinnett shelter fund committee. Lisa is a phenomenal supporter of PADV and helps raise money to fund shelter programs and events. Learn more about Lisa’s dedication to PADV.
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Barriers for Limited English Proficiency Survivors

All survivors of Intimate Partner Violence experience many barriers, but unfortunately for immigrant survivors and those with Limited English Proficiency (LED) there are additional barriers unique to their experience.
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40 Stories - Kristin Couch

In today’s story you’ll learn about Kristin Couch, our Fulton shelter coordinator. Kristin provides support to the Shelter Manager and all shelter staff for operational aspects of our Fulton safe house. While she hasn’t been with the organization for very long, her hard work and dedication to our mission has surpassed what we could have ever imagined. Learn more about Kristin’s inspiration and the advice she has for anyone living in a domestic violence situation.
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