40 Stories - Survivor of the Month

Ms. Velazquez arrived in Atlanta from Mexico with her husband and children, their sights set on the American dream. After 20 years of marriage and two kids she fled to our emergency shelter. Scared for her life, scared for her kids and scared of possible deportation she arrived in our shelter with the clothes on her back and her children in her arms.
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40 Stories - Katha Blackwell

Katha often sees her young self in the children that PADV serves. This drives her. Every day she walks into work knowing that she has a unique and priceless opportunity to not just change one life, but the lives of this and future generations.
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40 Stories - Brooke - Teen Advisory Board Member

Did you know that PADV has a Teens Against Dating Violence (TADV) advisory board? This board is composed of high school youth who help raise awareness of teen dating violence in the community through outreach, the annual Teen Summit and more. As a part of our second story this week, we are featuring Brooke, a TADV advisory board member. As an advocate for Teen Dating Violence Awareness, Brooke served on a panel at the 2017 Teen Summit, speaking to a room of over 550 people about her experiences with teen dating violence.
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40 Stories - Karla Worley - Board Member

Karla Worley, one of our Hearts with Hope Gala Chairs, mother experienced domestic violence, which was what led her to support PADV. Today, this experience has made her stronger and given her the courage to speak up for victims of intimate partner violence struggling to find their own voice.
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40 Stories - Survivor of the Month

“I moved my family to Georgia for a fresh start. My aunt welcomed my kids, boyfriend (at the time) and I into her home until I could find a place. After three weeks of being in Georgia, my boyfriend and I began arguing every day.
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