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    PADV is proud of our history of partnering with corporations to work together to end domestic violence in metro Atlanta, and provide safety and shelter to battered women and children.

    There are many ways for corporations to become a part of Partnership Against Domestic Violence:

    • Employee Volunteerism
    • PADV’s Domestic Violence in the Workplace Conference
    • In-kind Donation Drives
    • Corporate Presentations
    • Matching Gifts
    • Annual Donation
    • Hearts with Hope – PADV’s Annual Gala
    • United Way and Other Payroll Deduction Programs

    Corporate volunteer opportunities
    If your company would like to make a difference in the lives of women and children, PADV is happy to meet with you to design a program that benefits your employees and our clients. PADV offers a number of opportunities for your company large or small. With the help of dedicated groups like yours, PADV can provide a safe, warm environment for the women and children we serve. By working together, we can build a better, safer community.

    Benefits to corporate volunteering with PADV:

    • Build teamwork among employees.
    • Increase employee commitment and goodwill towards company.
    • Exemplify company values of leadership and service

    Please note that all volunteers must be 18 years or older.

    What can my company do?
    Sign up for a single or annual project. There are many options for corporate group volunteer opportunities that include hands-one service activities:

    • Facilities & shelter beautification projects (maintaining the shelter, organizing donations, etc.)
    • Adopt-a-Shelter
    • Off-site donation drives (collecting in-kind needs, holiday giving drives, etc.)
    • On-site hospitality and meals (providing meals, etc.)

    To learn more about our group projects, e-mail PADV’s Volunteer Director (link).

    Do you require us to go through training?
    Training is not required for single or annual group projects. However, we do require that all employee volunteers participating in an on-site project complete a confidentiality form. If you are interested in weekly or monthly volunteering, please see our Individual Volunteer Opportunities page.

    How to Sign Up in 3 Easy Steps
    Step 1
    Email Zaneta Daniels, the Volunteer Coordinator, at Zaneta.Daniels@padv.org to talk about what opportunities would be best for your group at least two weeks in advance of the proposed project date.

    Step 2
    Complete a confidentiality form for each member of your group along with a group volunteer agreement to be completed by your volunteer group’s leader.

    Step 3
    Email your group’s information to info@PADV.org or mail to P.O. Box 170225 Atlanta, GA 30317.

    For additional information about corporate volunteering, email Zaneta Daniels, Volunteer Coordinator, at Zaneta.Daniels@padv.org.

    PADV’s Domestic Violence in the Workplace Conference
    According to Georgia’s Labor Commissioner Mike Thurmond, “the most dangerous place in America today is the workplace.

    Despite that trend, most businesses fail to address domestic violence in the workplace because they think it’s a personal, private family matter. Domestic violence is a workplace issue because it affects an employee’s productivity, increases medical expenses, impacts absenteeism, and is detrimental to employee well being and safety.

    PADV offers the only conference on Domestic Violence in the Workplace in Georgia. Each October, corporate representatives – including executive staff, human resource managers, security directors, and corporate counsel attend a half-day conference to learn about domestic violence, safety policies specific to DV, and liability issues.

    To find out more, contact Kiana Matthews at 404.870.9603 or Kiana.Matthews@PADV.org

    In-kind Donation Drives
    An easy, fun and rewarding way for your company to support battered women and children is to host a drive for items needed at the shelters, such as:

    • paper products
    • pillows
    • twin size bedding
    • children’s and women’s shoes
    • nonperishable foods
    • towels/washcloths
    • children’s books, toys, art supplies

    Click here for a copy of PADV’s wish list.

    Corporate Presentations
    If you’d like to schedule a speaker to come to your business and talk about domestic violence in the workplace, please call Samantha Macedo, at 404.870.9602 or Samantha.Macedo@PADV.org .

    Matching Gifts
    Does your company support its employees and retirees in their personal philanthropic efforts? Many companies will match individual contributions to social service organizations like PADV. Increase your giving power by register with your matching gifts program.If you are not sure if PADV is eligible for your company’s matching gifts program, contact Ritta Garnett at 404.870.9608 or Ritta.Garnett@padv.org.

    Annual Donation
    Many companies make annual donations to charities, especially those that their employees are involved in. Encourage your company to support PADV. If you would like a copy of PADV’s case statement for support sent to your company’s community relations program, contact Ritta Garnett at 404.870.9608 or Ritta.Garnett@padv.org.

    Hearts with Hope Gala
    Hearts with Hope is PADV’s annual fundraising gala that raises nearly half of PADV’s annual budget. Each year, corporations and prominent Atlantans attend the black-tie event. The event is held everySpring. For information on the Hearts with Hope gala or to inquire about Sponsorship packages, contact Kiana Matthews, at 404.870.9603 or kiana.matthews@PADV.org

    United Way and Payroll Deduction Programs
    Giving through payroll deduction is easy. PADV is proud to be a United Way Agency and a member of the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), as well as a participant in many other private workplace giving campaigns.

    How easy is it? Once you make your designation, that’s it, you don’t ever have to think about writing a check to support your favorite cause. Making a gift from every paycheck is also an easy way to make a large gift. Even a small amount adds up to a big donation over a whole year.

    Designate your donation to PADV by filling in our organization code in the appropriate box:

    United Way

    United Way #131

    Combined Federal Campaign

    Combined Federal Campaign #5056

    Workplace campaigns are kicked off in the fall, so be on the look out for your enrollment materials in August and September.

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