Men's Leadership Breakfast

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September 21, 2017
Hilton Atlanta| Directions

The Men's Leadership Breakfast series was created to give men the opportunity to become more educated on different areas of domestic violence and the steps they can take to end this horrific crime. The series was formed in conjunction with Hilton Hotels after a valued Hilton employee was shot and killed by her boyfriend while she was at work. Soon after, Hilton teamed up with PADV and hosted the first breakfast in March of this year.

This four-part breakfast series is being held at different Hilton-owned hotels throughout the metro Atlanta area. 

For more information and to attend the next breakfast, please contact Jeffrey Brown.

We recognize that this event falls within Rosh Hashanah, a very important holiday within the Jewish faith. As an organization we strive to be sensitive to all in our community and will make every effort to ensure future events do not conflict with other religious holidays.