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  • Am I Being Abused?

    Intimate partner violence is hurtful and abusive behaviors used by one partner to control and have power over another intimate partner. These behaviors can include threats, physical assault, forced sex, financial control, isolation, and emotional abuse, like name calling.

    How safe is your home? Are you in an abusive relationship? Use the following checklist to help determine if you are being abused.

    Does your partner…

    • make fun of you in front of your family or friends?
    • put down your accomplishments or goals?
    • make you feel like you can’t make decisions?
    • use force or threats to make you do what he/she wants?
    • tell you that you are nothing without him/her?
    • treat you roughly – grab, push, shove or hit you?
    • constantly call you or show up at your work or home to make sure you are where you said you would be?
    • blame you for how he/she feels or acts?
    • withhold affection?
    • prevent you from doing the things you want?
    • call you names?
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