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    Please take a moment to remember and honor the women, children and men who were murdered because of domestic violence.

    March 2014 – February 2016

    Tywanna Boyd, Age 25
    Evan Campbell, Age 39
    Sharlene Steadman, Age 53

    Marshall Tucker, Age 53

    Anisa Mobley, Age 24

    Jamal Mobley, Age 27

    Latasha Bell, Age 26

    Lauren Taylor, Age 26

    Sabrina Manning, Age 37

    Ranelle Jones, Age unknown

    Samuel Ray Collins, Age 60

    Harriette Jacobs, Age 53

    Betty Haye, Age unknown

    Tammie Beasley, Age 36

    Peggy Thompson, Age 38

    Beverly Jones, Age 35

    Dashea Hatcher, Age 23

    Tiffany Jackson-Pugh, Age 30

    Shauntrice Michele Williams, Age 27

    Janet Karpinsky, Age 36

    Janice Katherine Schultz, Age 73

    Shirley Meyer, Age 55

    Amber Clay, Age 22

    Julie Williams, Age unknown

    Belinda Jo Bell, Age 26

    Tiffanie Phillips, Age 40

    Florence Love, Age 55

    Debra Thigpen, Age 29

    Bera “Bea” Elaine Ribal, Age 60

    Kourtni Jackson, Age 22

    Sheneika Freeman, Age 26

    Ashley Belle, Age 22

    Christie Lee, Age 39

    William Burtron, Age 68

    Sheila Burtron, Age 67

    Iiaonna Green, Age 18

    Bailey Brutron, Age 16

    Amber Lynn Beckwith, Age 27

    Latoya Andrews, Age 33

    Joseph Brown, Age 33

    Jeremiah Prather, Age 9

    London Prather, Age 7

    Matilda Lorraine Jenkins, Age 58

    Candace McGriff, Age 28

    Mandi Kaiser, Age 37

    Kathy Giaquinta Smith, Age 40

    Steven Singleton, Age 45

    Bobby M. Shue, Age 75

    Glenda Dyer, Age 47

    Charlette Singletary, Age 33

    Keteria Benton, Age 56

    Barbara Burnett-Keeton, Age 78

    Tonya Ross, Age 44

    Corey Willis, Age 36

    Quanesha Lashon Brown, Age 24

    Melissa Ball, Age 27

    Grayden Whitmore, Age 8

    Rhonda Williams, Age 42

    Bobbie Blackmon, Age 51

    Rosemarie Lebert, Age 56

    Lashante Holloway, Age 33

    Alicia Ruby Richards, Age 40

    LaSmockie Fountain, Age 30

    Nicole Thomas, Age 44

    Stephanie Tanner, Age 41

    Alexius Seafus, Age 18

    Kendra Jackson, Age 46

    Sherri West, Age 47

    Devin Devon Smith, Age 29

    Yolanda Cruz, Age 36

    Sonya Gale Phillips, Age 48

    Lynette Karim, Age 29

    Nakita Holland, Age 36

    Nena Rahman Harris, Age 38

    Erin Nicole Jones, Age 28

    Lisa Riley, Age 34

    Sandra Barnett, Age 49

    Jamie Sandefur, Age 39

    Rebecca Jo “Beckie” Manning, Age 37

    Jared Smith, Age 8

    Jacob Smith, Age 9

    Myrna Rosales, Age 41

    Randall Houston D. Kinard, Age 33

    Haley Hill, Age 23

    Crystal Walker, Age 35

    Candace Michelle Welch, Age 22

    Taylor Ferrell-Carter, Age 25

    Bernadene Lebert-Davis, Age 43

    Robert M. Kelli-Davis, Age 21

    Katherine Wallace, Age unknown

    Darla Gibbons, Age 23

    Heather Marie Harrison, Age 29


    This list may not be inclusive. We apologize if we have inadvertently left a name off this list.

    This list was compiled by the Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Inc. as reported by selected newspapers from around the state.

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