40 Stories - Brooke - Teen Advisory Board Member

Teen Advisory Board Member

Last year Brooke became one of the inaugural members of the Partnership Against Domestic Violence Teen Dating Violence Advisory Board.  Brooke learned of this opportunity after meeting Claire Lisco, PADV Teen Empowerment Advocate, at one of her Girl Scout Events.  While researching potential projects for her Girl Scout Gold Award, Brooke learned of the large and universal impact domestic violence has on communities.

“It made sense for me to pursue the advisory board as I knew people who told me they were going through rough relationships”, says Brooke.  “I learned that the reality of these relationships is that they were often verbally, emotionally, and/or physically violent and abusive.”  Although she wasn’t an expert, Brooke was driven to learn more and become a resource for those in need.

This past March, Brooke served on a Teen Summit Survivor Panel which spoke to a room of over 500 people about their experiences with teen dating violence.  Brooke loved the opportunity to serve as a role model for other teens, empowering them to become activists for what they believe in.

When ask what she wanted people to know about PADV Brooke said, “I want everybody to know everything about it! I want people to know that it's not just an organization concerned with domestic violence. PADV helps people navigate the complexities of other relationships, like toxic friendships and the early stages of what could become an abusive and violent relationship. They really do a lot of on the ground work. I want people to keep asking questions about PADV and their mission. I want people to volunteer and join me in doing prevention work through PADV, enabling them to stop the cycle of violence in their own communities.”

Applications for the 2017-2018 TADV Advisory Board are due by 5 p.m. on September 1, 2017. For questions, contact Claire Lisco at [email protected]. For more information on Teen Dating Violence, click here.

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