40 Stories - Kristin Couch

Fulton Shelter Coordinator

Since entering the non-profit domestic violence field in 2013, Kristin had always heard the name Partnership Against Domestic Violence.  She was intrigued by the breadth and depth of our domestic violence work, and welcomed the opportunity to join our team as an Assistant Shelter Coordinator in June of 2017.  Kristin was convinced that PADV’s size and long history of service provision would provide her access to more resources, increasing her ability to serve survivors.  Kristin has found this to be the truth.  In her role as shelter coordinator, Kristin has seen other non-profits and organizations have a strong positive reaction when they learn she is with PADV, exhibiting an instant willingness to work with us to serve our clients.   From her perspective, PADV is a recognizable and trusted brand in the Atlanta community.

Kristin focuses on all operational aspects of our Fulton Safe House, ensuring the facility runs at a level of excellence to create an environment of peace and healing.  Kristin works to motivate our staff and the woman and children living in our care. Whether it’s a smile or a helping hand, Kristin is there to serve. Everyday Kristin comes to work and is stretched to be better, give more, and do more because our clients are in need.  Kristin also views every day as a chance to grow personally and get better in her work.  Kristin says “somedays are hard, others are easier, but every day we are supposed to grow.” Every day she works to instill that attitude in the people we serve. 

As Kristin reflects over her life she can point to different relationships that she has seen in her family, friends and colleagues that have been negatively impacted by domestic violence.  She offers this advice to anyone living in a domestic violence situation or an unhealthy relationship: “Listen to your gut.  If you feel like something is off then you are probably right.”

To all those that support PADV financially Kristin says “THANK YOU.”  She wants everyone to know that “staff in the shelter is doing great work with every contribution that is made”.  With her trademark smile she closed saying, “If you feel so inclined, SEND toilet tissue!”

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