40 Stories - Lisa Winton

Gwinnett Fund Development Committee/
Champion for PADV

Lisa Winton is no stranger to serving her community.  Even while she was busy starting Winton Machine Company in the basement of her home, Lisa found time to volunteer.  She has served her community in numerous roles, including Social Action Chairperson at her Temple and President of the Junior League of Gwinnett and North Fulton.  Her passion for seeing women reach their full potential led to her numerous volunteer roles, including her involvement with PADV. 

Just after the capital campaign to build PADV’s new Gwinnett shelter was completed, Lisa was introduced to PADV by then staff member, Debbie McMinn.  Having known women that had been victims of domestic violence and seeing first-hand the devastating effect this violence took on their lives, Lisa was eager to get involved with PADV and help it grow.  As she learned more about PADV and saw first-hand its life-changing work Lisa became even more passionate about providing the opportunity for women to have a safe place to go and breaking the cycle of violence.

Lisa now serves on PADV’s Gwinnett Fund Development committee.  As a part of that team, Lisa works hard to raise money to support the Gwinnett shelter and is an active participant in providing programs that bring a sense of normalcy to the children living at the shelter.  Lisa’s favorite event is “Breakfast with Santa”, a full morning of breakfast donated by Waffle House, ornament creation, games, and each child getting their picture taken on Santa’s knees.  Lisa loves that every year the smiles on the moms and children grow bigger and bigger.  

The beauty of volunteering at PADV, according to Lisa, is that she always gets much more out of it than she gives. Lisa says she has never experienced such tremendous appreciation for her volunteer efforts. “The women are the most appreciative, endearing, caring, and thoughtful people I’ve worked with.  They don’t look for you to do anything for them, but are thrilled with what you’re doing for their children.” Another great bonus of Lisa’s volunteering is the lifelong friends she’s made with other Gwinnett Fund Development Committee volunteers.

Lisa says, “PADV build women’s self-esteem by providing solutions and an opportunity for women to become self-sufficient.  Their time at the Safe House helps women get on track to live up to their true potential, provide financially for their families and create a healthy home for their children.  It means the world to me to see women transformed, that’s why I’m so grateful for what PADV provides to our community.” 


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