40 Stories - Pam Grinnell

Empowerment Advocate

A native of the state of Washington, Pam made the big move to Georgia in 2006 to pursue her degree in Criminal Justice.  We welcomed Pam to the PADV team in 2008 as a shelter manager for our Fulton Shelter.  Since joining PADV Pam has served as a facilities manager, shelter advocate, and now serves our clients as an empowerment advocate.  In this role, Pam meets with 7-8 families two to three times a week.  Her work with families includes helping them grieve the loss of their home, understand the trauma they’ve been through, develop a plan for a self-sufficient and violence-free future, help them stay focused on their goals, provide referrals to other community agencies that can help, and be a shoulder to cry on. She also leads a weekly empowerment group to let women know that they are strong and loved, and that they have their own minds, their own voice, and can make their own choices.  Pam loves that her job allows her to give back to others.  She also appreciates the opportunity to be the voice of reason and a listening ear for survivors in need. 

Pam was drawn to PADV because domestic violence is personal for her. With her background as a survivor, Pam has a strong desire to help others coming out of similar situations. She wants every woman she encounters to have a strong support system and for many, she is the first step in building that system.  Pam has found her voice, she’s found her strength, she’s created a beautiful life for herself, and she is honored to have the opportunity to help others reach those same goals.

Pam believes that PADV is “a wonderful agency that does a lot for survivors, regardless of decisions they make or have made.”  That’s why her advice to survivors is always “Get to safety.  You are stronger than you think and you deserve a lot more than you are getting.”

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