Executives in Action

Launched in 2017 to commemorate our 40th anniversary, Executives in Action seeks to educate leaders in Atlanta on the dangers of domestic violence. Please join Partnership Against Domestic Violence and other leaders throughout the city for an opportunity to learn about domestic violence's warning signs and how domestic violence affects your business personnel at our annual Executives In Action forum.

On October 25, 2019, we welcomed Cody Partin, Eric Winter, and Sinead Daly, our expert panelists at Executives in Action.

Sinead Daly is an Associate at Littler specializing in employment law with a focus on discrimination and harassment. Cody Partin is Senior Vice President at Cox Enterprises and Eric Winter is Assistant Vice President at Cox Enterprises Corporate Security.

We explored:

  • The relationship between domestic violence and workplace violence
  • How domestic violence affects employees lives, including their ability to perform at work
  • Why domestic violence is so rarely visible to employers
  • What it costs businesses to ignore the subtle, but important signs that someone may be living with violence in their home or relationship

During the event, PADV's Vice President of Development and Marketing, Jeffrey Brown, held a one-on-one conversation with Cherie Wilson, Community Relations Manager for Bank of America. Wilson focused on domestic violence in the workplace and shared her personal story.


If you were unable to attend Executives in Action but still want to show your support? Make a 100% tax-deductible contribution in any amount to help us serve those who have been impacted by domestic violence. Click here to make your donation now!

Email PADV's Coordinator of Special Events at [email protected] for more information on Executives In Action.