Mission: Breaking the Cycle

Some things go unnoticed; the blue flourish of a bruise that hides under the surface of a sweater, the residual scars of humiliation, the gradual disappearance of self-esteem that leaves behind a shell of a human being. Abuse travels silently, a dangerous aggressor that hides in sleepless nights, in passive text messages, in the solitary confinement of an apartment building. If its best friend is darkness, this signifies its weakness as light; thus, the sole way to inhibit its progression is to shed some light on the situation.

As a part of the Teens Against Dating Violence Advisory Board, our outreach is instrumental in raising awareness about the critical topic of dating violence. During our summit this year, we aim to introduce and discuss multiple facets of maintaining healthy relationships, through Dialogue and Action, to ensure that personal wellness translates into successful relationships. A couple of key workshop titles to look out for that will be conducted by TADV Advisory Board members are, “What Adults Need to Know About Teen Dating Violence From A Teen’s Perspective,” “Self-Love,” and “Pinpointing Unhealthy Behaviors in Relationships and Their Cultural Causes.”

On top of (super-secret) activities to promote introspection, these workshops will be touching on the importance of context and awareness in dealing with relationship violence. Through engaging conversations, we aim to stress the importance of discussing healthy relationships with your teen despite the barriers of a generational or cultural gap. Several speakers to look out for this year would be, of course, the TADV Advisory Board Members, alongside representatives from the Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Raksha Inc!

In conjunction to preparing for the summit, we’ve incorporated elements from our presentations and respective workshops into our service projects for Dating Violence Awareness Month. Here’s what a couple of our members have to say in regards to their service projects and their excitement for the upcoming summit:

“Throughout the year, I have constantly been informing my friends and people close to me about the organization I am a part of. If somebody is ever in need and nervous about telling me, they will have a resource to turn to.” (Christina Zaprianova)

“Through my service project, I got to join my friends in wearing orange to show that we're united in raising awareness to the problem of teen dating violence while also assisting those struggling with it by supplying helpful resources. I'm beyond excited for the upcoming teen summit, as we will have a chance to reach an extremely broad audience from all sorts of backgrounds to help bring an end to dating violence.” (Keegan Gross)

“For my service project this year, I decided to have a love wall where students could write what love is to them. I also had a PowerPoint up, music, and orange yarn to tie around students wrist. I am super excited about this year's teen summit because we have more team members and can be part of more than one session. Also, it is located at my own high school.” (Mikayla Cordell)

For further information, visit http://padv.org and follow our social media hashtags to remain updated on all of our projects with the hashtags, #padvteenscene and #padvteensummit. We look forward to making you all a part of our mission in breaking the cycle and promoting healthy relationships!

Rupkatha and Shayla


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