Programs & Services

PADV implements a holistic approach to ending intimate partner violence which not only supports survivors once abuse has occured but also strives to prevent future violence.  We do this by offering the following array of prorgams and services:

Emergency Safe Houses

PADV operates two emergency safe houses, one in Fulton County and the other in Gwinnett County, with the Gwinnett  location being the largest domestic violence shelter in Georgia. During their stay, clients receive assistance with clothing, food, transportation, childcare, referrals for housing and job opportunities.

24-Hour Crisis Lines

The crisis line is sometimes the only link to safety available for battered women and their children. PADV's crisis lines provide safety planning, information and support to callers in immediate danger and to those with questions about others who may be battered. Our crisis line also offers referrals to community resources available throughout the state of Georgia.

Legal Advocacy

PADV's legal advocacy services include preparing temporary protection orders, assisting clients in completing necessary paperwork and advocating for the domestic violence survivor in the intimidating and complex judicial system.

Outreach & Prevention Programs

Education is the key to ending domestic violence so PADV strives to inform our community on its dynamics and prevention measures. Our four outreach focus areas are domestic violence in the workplace, teen dating violence, Latino communities and faith-based organizations.  Click here to learn more about our educational workshops.

Supportive Housing Program

PADV’s Supportive Housing Program is designed to assist battered women in their efforts to gain independence from their abusers.  More specifically, the program offers rental, utility, childcare, employment, legal, educational and financial assistance in addition to housing.

Support Groups for Women

PADV's support groups provide assistance to women who have left violent relationships or continue to live with their abuser. These groups provide a safe place for survivors to come together and share experiences, offer encouragement, support and generate ideas on ways to live violence free.

Click here for a printable brochure that lists PADV's programs and services.