Lloyd: Free from homelessness

Lloyd* and his four children became homeless after crossing state lines to flee their abuser.  Because he is male, Lloyd had difficulty locating a shelter that would accommodate him and his family.  Unable to find housing together and unwilling to separate, Lloyd and his family were forced to sleep on the streets. 

In 2017, Lloyd was referred to our shelter, where he and his children stayed while seeking permanent housing.  Lloyd is a good father to his children, and also suffers from several mental health conditions that make it difficult for him to maintain employment and be self-sufficient.  PADV worked with local housing providers on Lloyd’s behalf and secured him placement in subsidized housing focused on serving those with mental illness. 

Unfortunately, that organization was not able to continue their housing program, and Lloyd and his family again faced homelessness.  Desperate, Lloyd reached out to PADV for assistance.  In 2018, Lloyd became one of the first clients to enter our new Permanent Supportive Housing program.  PADV is now permanently housing Lloyd and his four children, providing the greatest stability he’s experienced in over 2 years. With assistance from our Housing Advocate, Lloyd is also receiving regular treatment for his mental illness and recently completed a job training program.

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