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For DV Support

PADV's 24-Hour Crisis Line

Our crisis lines provide safety planning, information and support to abuse victims and those with questions about others who may be battered. We are here to help.  Call Now:  

PADV Crisis Line:  (404) 873-1766 V/TTY

National Domestic Violence Crisis Lines

Georgia:  1-800-33-HAVEN (42836)
Outside of Georgia:  1-800-621-HOPE (4673)

If you are in immediate danger or in need of emergency assistance, please dial 911.

For General PADV Inquiries

P.O. Box 170225
Atlanta, GA 30317

Main Line:  (404) 870-9600
Fax: (404) 870-9611
Email:  [email protected]

Common PADV Inquiries