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Safety Planning

Do you need assistance with safety planning for yourself? Meet with one of our advocates to assist you.

If you are in an abusive relationship, having a safety plan can be crucial to your well-being.  Thoughtfully review what's below and consider calling PADV's crisis line so that our advocates can help you safety plan.  Click here for a printable personal safety plan.

If you are still with your partner…

  • Think of a safe place to go in case there is an argument.  Avoid rooms without an exit (i.e. bathrooms) or rooms with weapons (i.e. kitchens).
  • Think about and make a list of safe people to contact.
  • Keep money with you at all times.
  • Memorize all important telephone numbers.
  • Establish a code word or sign so that family, friends, neighbors, teachers, or coworkers know when to call for help.
  • Keep important papers with you such as social security cards, birth certificates, etc…
  • Don’t try to argue or reason with your partner. You can’t change your partner’s behavior.
  • If your partner tries to hit you, protect your face with your hands and arms. If knocked down, curl up in a ball protecting your head, face, and stomach.
  • Back the car in the driveway and keep it filled with gas so that you can easily drive away. Keep the driver’s door unlocked.
  • Keep your cell phone fully charged.

If you have left your partner…

  • Change your phone number.
  • Screen your phone calls.
  • Save and document all contacts, messages, injuries or other incidents involving the batterer.
  • If the batterer has a key, change the locks.
  • Avoid staying home alone.
  • Plan ways to get away if your batterer shows up.
  • If you have to meet your former partner, do it in a public place.
  • Notify school, work and childcare contacts that you have left your abusive partner.
  • Vary your routine so that the abuser is not able to fully predict your whereabouts.

PADV's 24-Hour Crisis Lines

Our crisis lines provide safety planning, information, and support to abuse victims and those with questions about others who may be battered. If you are a domestic violence victim in need of a safe and confidential place to stay, we encourage you to contact us.  No woman or man is denied admission to our safe houses on the basis of race, religion, nationality, inability to speak English, immigration status, political affiliation, disability, pregnancy, or sexual orientation.

We also do not deny our services on the basis of someone having been involved with another agency. Please call the crisis line nearest you for immediate assistance.

Crisis Line:  (404) 873-1766 V/TTY

National Domestic Violence Crisis Lines

Georgia:  1-800-33-HAVEN (42836)
Outside of Georgia:  1-800-621-HOPE (4673)

If you are in immediate danger or in need of emergency assistance, dial 911.