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On September 12th and October 10th, we hosted our two-part virtual Teen Summit experience, marking the 11th year of PADV’s commitment to ending dating violence. Both the 2020 Vision: See & Believe and Believe & Act’ event was packed with educational workshops, expert facilitators, and compelling stories.

Thank you to everyone who joined and contributed to this special and important day. Together, we made our communities safer and are one step closer to ending the crime of teen dating violence. If you wish to continue to be involved in ending Teen Dating Violence Prevention, please join our Teen Board, or schedule one of our free workshops to continue to educate Atlanta on this incredibly important topic.

One in three teens are survivors of Teen Dating Violence, and as always, we here at PADV are here and dedicated to making that statistic none in three.

PADV Gender Justice Teen Zine!


Though there is no cost to attend PADV's Teen Summit, there is a cost to produce it.  Your 100% tax-deductible donation will help us reach as many youth as possible to prevent dating violence.  Donate today!

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