40 Stories - David Midler

Twelve years ago David Midler decided it was time to get involved in the community. His first step was to make a small donation to a local charity doing important work directly benefiting his neighborhood. That organization was Partnership Against Domestic Violence.
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Engaging Men in the Work of Domestic Violence

It’s 11:15 at night and you finally start to drift to sleep, you’re finally getting the long day out of your head. You’re looking forward to a fun early morning, tomorrow is the Father-Daughter breakfast at your six-year old’s school.
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40 Stories - "Mary"

Ever wonder what it would be like to move to another country with no one to run to if you were experiencing intimate partner violence? Our last story this week in our “40 Stories” series is about a PADV client who is from Indonesia and experienced domestic violence after moving to the U.S. Click to read her story.
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40 Stories - Karen Atkins

Story number eleven in our “40 Stories” series is about one of our exceptional volunteers, Karen Atkins. We are very grateful for Karen who serves on our board and also takes time out of her busy schedule to cook meals for our clients. Click to read more about Karen and all the work she does for PADV.
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40 Stories - Dr Tameeka Law Walker

Dr. Tameeka Law-Walker is a remarkable doctor and has used her remarkable talents to help PADV in many ways. She is motivated to help families, women, men and children who have been affected by domestic violence to get back on track and normalize their lives. Want to learn more about Dr. Law-Walker? Click to read her story as a part of our “40 Stories” series.
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