PADV Welcomes Nine New Board Members

PADV welcomes its 2017-2018 executive board members. This year’s members include nine PADV supporters who come from diverse backgrounds, including law, marketing, healthcare, communications, human resources and more. Each new board member brings with them a wealth of institutional knowledge that we hope will not only benefit PADV, but also the 20,000 families we serve each year.
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40 Stories - The Twins

After the escape, mom lived in a hotel for a few weeks with the twins, her daughter and little baby boy. An online search for services led them to PADV. While neither of the twins wanted to come to the PADV shelter because of the stigma they thought was associated with it, they remained positive and supportive of their Mom and siblings. Their favorite line was, “lets stick together.”
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40 Stories - Jeffrey Brown

Even though Jeffrey has not experienced DV in his life, it remains a personal issue to him. Jeffrey has a four year old son, and is committed to raising a young man who honors and respects women, treats them as friends and equals, and has the skills to build healthy and productive relationships.
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40 Stories - Safe Families Office

What makes PADV and SFO special according to Lorina is that “We have a lot of resources to help people where they are. People that work for PADV are very caring and dedicated.”
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40 Stories - Judge Alison Arce

What got Judge Arce particularly interested in domestic violence cases was the commonness of the allegations during divorces cases. What prides Judge Arce the most is the model Fulton County uses for hearing domestic violence cases. The American Bar Association holds their process as a model for other court systems.
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