Benefits of PADV’s Teen Advisory Board

While serving on the board, I had the opportunity to help plan the 2018 Teen Summit. It was an awesome experience because it was hosted at my own high school, which was an advantage to me because I was able to assist. This was also my second time attending the Summit and I was able to help my other group members with any questions they had about how the day would flow.
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House Bill 834 - Georgia's New Leasing Law

New legislation is helping victims of domestic violence. House Bill 834, passed in the 2018 Georgia legislative session, allows domestic violence victims to terminate their lease without consequences.
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Mental Illness is a Disorder, Not a Decision

In domestic violence relationships, batterers may use a victim’s mental health diagnosis to convince law enforcement that victims are to be blamed for violence. Such misrepresentation results in victims being arrested and subsequently having criminal records.
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Make a Donation to Make a Difference

Oftentimes, when a woman comes to our shelter she arrives with nothing except for the clothes on her back. During our intake process, something that our advocates frequently hear is, “I need to go home to get clothes or diapers for my baby.”
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2018 Teen Summit

Through hands-on activities, workshops and teen-led sessions, this event helped teens and adults grow in understanding each other’s perspectives and generate a plan of action for addressing dating violence to take back to their own communities.
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