Aubrey’s road to rebuild and recover

Mentally exhausted and paralyzed by the fear, the taunts of her abuser kept circling in Aubrey’s mind. Read more about Aubrey’s road to rebuild and recover today.

*Name changed to protect survivors identity

Even though she had only been in the relationship for over a year, Aubrey* was already enduring both verbal and physical abuse.  Even worse, her abuser often attacked her in front of her children. Though emotionally and spiritually broken, Aubrey knew she had to find the strength to leave to protect her children from the trauma they were experiencing.  A close friend provided Aubrey and her children a safe place to stay while Aubrey worked to plan her next steps.  Aubrey’s friend told her about the many services offered by PADV.  Gathering her courage, Aubrey called the crisis line and was admitted into our shelter.

Mentally exhausted and paralyzed by the fear, the taunts of her abuser kept circling in Aubrey’s mind:

“You can’t do this.”
“You can’t care for the children without me.”
“You are not good enough.”
“You can’t do anything right.”

With constant encouragement from PADV staff and hard work with a PADV therapist, Aubrey changed that inner voice to: “I can do this!  I am strong and getting stronger every day!!”

Aubrey’s strength was revealed shortly after she got to the shelter.  Even though she had not been employed since 2017 and even in the midst of a pandemic, Aubrey obtained work at a local grocery store.  Starting as a cashier, Aubrey is now training for a customer service position and is determined to soon be a part of the store’s management teams.  With her finances well-managed and $6,000 in the bank, Aubrey is working in partnership with Habitat for Humanity and her employer to become a homeowner!  It’s amazing what a strong and determined woman can accomplish when supported by a community committed to her success.

Aubrey is motivated to continue growing and making a better life for her children.  Recently she told us, “I am relieved and excited to be moving into a better position for my children and myself.  My son is feeling joy again and no longer contemplating suicide. I’ve been reunited with my daughter and we’ve made huge strides in rebuilding our relationship.  Someone else’s violence and abuse will never get in my way again!”

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