40 Stories-Emma Bell

“Too often people ask, why doesn’t she just leave? It takes thought, education and understanding for people to realize it’s never that simple - ” says Emma Bell, one of our volunteers.
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40 Stories - "Brianna"

“PADV means a lot to people because it helps them to become aware that they are being abused,” Briana said. “It helps people out of bad situations, find housing and get back on their feet. At PADV, I had the time, support and space I needed to once again learn how special I am and how much I have to offer this world!”
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40 Stories - Tashnique

When people think of domestic violence their minds often go to its effects on women. Unfortunately, statistics show that over 10,000,000 children in the United States are exposed to domestic violence every year. The single best predictor of children becoming perpetrators of domestic violence later in life is whether or not they grew up in a home with domestic violence present.
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40 Stories - Hannah

“Being involved with PADV allows me to make a significant difference in people’s lives,” says Hannah. “This work is personal to me because I grew up in a home where domestic violence was present. I understand and can feel what these women and children are going through.”
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40 Stories - Cynthia

“Everyone has a large part to play in ending violence. You can talk to your kids; bring a presentation to your faith institution or job. People need to know what a healthy relationship is so that they can use it as a model for what they want to create in their own life,” says Cynthia.
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