40 Stories - Claire Lisco

Claire Lisco joined PADV’s staff in April 2015 as a Teen Empowerment Advocate. Prior to coming to PADV, Claire was in graduate school studying biased motivated aggression, alcohol-related aggression, violence against women and intimate partner violence.
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Teen Dating Violence

Teen dating violence is a serious issue that unfortunately affects 1 in 3 teenagers. Today's blog is written by Nancy Friauf, CEO of Partnership Against Domestic Violence, is a reflection of her experience raising her 2 daughters.
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Women in Action

PADV kicked off its 40th anniversary with the annual Women in Action Forum on February at the Sugarloaf Country Club.
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40 Years of Service

Forty years of providing programs and services, offering shelter and safety. Forty years of empowering survivors and educating the community. Forty years of raising awareness along with needed funds for victims as well as survivors.
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PADV Strives to Erase Domestic Violence Stereotypes at Women In Action Forum

There are many misconceptions and stereotypes surrounding domestic violence. PADV works to eliminate these stereotypes through education and awareness campaigns. We hope after reading this, you’ll have a different view.
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