2018 Teen Summit

Through hands-on activities, workshops and teen-led sessions, this event helped teens and adults grow in understanding each other’s perspectives and generate a plan of action for addressing dating violence to take back to their own communities.
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Mission: Breaking the Cycle

Some things go unnoticed; the blue flourish of a bruise that hides under the surface of a sweater, the residual scars of humiliation, the gradual disappearance of self-esteem that leaves behind a shell of a human being. Abuse travels silently, a dangerous aggressor that hides in sleepless nights, in passive text messages, in the solitary confinement of an apartment building. If its best friend is darkness, this signifies its weakness as light; thus, the sole way to inhibit its progression is to shed some light on the situation.
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40 Stories - Nancy Friauf

"PADV is there for women when they call at 3 am, or the woman that comes to shelter on Saturday with nothing but the clothes on her back and her child in her arms. We are there for teens at the teen summit to help them create safe and healthy relationships, and we are in the courthouse helping scared women get TPOs."
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40 Stories - Jennifer Graham-Johnson

Everyone should have a home life that is safe, comforting and that you look forward to going to. It shouldn’t be a luxury; it shouldn’t be that much to ask for.” Her desire is to help the home become “safe” for everyone now living with home as a place of danger and fear.
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40 Stories - Frances Smith

Frances delights in going to the PADV shelters and watching children laugh, play and work with the child advocates to move forward from their pain and fear. Frances knows that because of the impactful intervention provided, these children won’t have to experience the ongoing trauma, fear and anxiety that her mother went through.
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