90 days ago “Stacey” came into our program along with her ten year old son. Stacey and her abusive fiancé moved to Georgia from North Carolina for employment opportunities for him. When they arrived in Georgia the abuse intensified and turned from verbal to physical abuse. Stacey could not bear the thought of her son mirroring her boyfriend’s abuse behavior, so she called our hotline, desperate for help and a way out. When her boyfriend left to hang-out with some friends, Stacey grabbed her son and a backpack full of clothes and went to drove frantically to the designated meeting spot.  Staff was waiting for her, and escorted the frightened family to the shelter.  Since arriving at PADV, Stacey has succeeded in obtaining employment, catching up on her bills including her car note, and paying off some of the debt incurred by her fiancé in  her name. Stacey’s son was able to attend the Boys and Girls club summer program, participate in a monthly male mentoring program that was also provided by PADV and receive homework help twice a week. Stacey was accepted into Action Ministry’s rapid re-housing program and was delighted to transfer with her son from the shelter into her very own safe and peaceful home.  

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